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Ellison® Beef Steak Bites

Aged from 14-21 days under ideal conditions, all Ellison sliced and diced meats are marinated to enhance texture, flavor and tenderness, and then blast-frozen to lock in that flavor and extend shelf life.

  • Product is from choice cuts of beef.
  • Marinated to maintain tenderness and juiciness.
  • Cut into approximately ½ “ cubes.
  • Product is flash frozen to maintain integrity and shelf life.
  • Grill or deep fry. Very quick cook time.
  • Serve traditionally with garlic salt and saltine crackers.
  • Serve as appetizer basket with a variety of sauces.

CODE: 15455
PACK SIZE: 20/8 oz

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Ellison® Ranch Steak

USDA Choice steaks, completely trimmed and marinated for flavor and juiciness. Blast frozen to lock in quality and extend shelf life.

  • Outstanding plate coverage
  • Ideal for steak sandwich, lunch or dinner special
  • Closely monitored by Quality Assurance

CODE: 63353
PACK SIZE: 28/6 oz.

CODE: 63355
PACK SIZE: 20/8 oz.

CODE: 63357
PACK SIZE: 16/10 oz.

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deBarbeque® Pulled Pork with Sauce

Pork cushion meat, slow-smoked using natural hardwood hickory chips. All natural smoked, no liquid smoke added. Shredded and mixed with our signature sauce.

  • Packaged in "boil in the bag" for easy preparation
  • Fully cooked. Heat & Serve.
  • Ideal for use in sandwiches, wraps and tortillas

CODE: 26501
PACK SIZE: 2/5 lb.

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